Services & Rates


Summer 2016


Summer Slip (shore power additional - metered) $105.00/ft
Summer Slip - 20' and under $65.00/ft
On Land Dry Storage Package $57.00/ft
            Includes: haul & block, stands, wash, storage, and spring launch
Boat on Trailer Storage $30.00/ft
Haul, power wash, launch - for trailer storage $14.00/ft
In Water Winter Storage $35.00/ft
In Water Winter Live-A-Board (shore power additional) $45.00/ft
Live-A-Board Additional Fee for Winter $400.00
Stand Rental $20.00/each
Shrink Wrap $19.00/ft
Shrink Wrap Door (standard zipper door) $60.00/each
Shrink Wrap Door (extra large zipper door) $80.00/each
Frame Shrink Wrapped Door $100.00
Frame and Shrink Wrap in Water (additional charge) $100.00
Cut in Mast & Stays $75.00
Unstep or Step Mast $8.00/ft
Mast Storage Only $100.00
Winterize single inboard engine $210.00
Winterize single inboard engine with oil & filter change $260.00
Winterize outboard engine $165.00
Remove or install outdrive $75.00
Store outdrive $75.00
Remove or install battery $20.00
Remove & store battery $30.00
Pressure Wash Hull $4.00/ft
Bottom Paint (excluding paint) + $50.00 materials $14.00/ft
            Includes: light surface scuff for adhesion - additional prep is $65.00/hour
Buff & Wax by quote